Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tennesee Preacher Refuses To Marry Whites And Blacks Because Communism

Wow! The Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Tennessee must be channeling Phil Robertson! Brother Donny Reagan doesn’t like Communism–and by Communism, he means “race mixing.”

To choruses of “Amen” and applause, Brother Donny explained to his congregation that God made people just the way they are, and that it is an affront to the Big Guy to attempt to change that. Yes, that’s right–having children with a person with another race is somehow an attempt to change your own skin color….or something.
Brother Donny, in a 2013 sermon posted by the American Jesus, let his congregation know exactly how evil it is to “hybreed” the races. Citing Brother William Branham, a man who is credited with founding the post-WWII divine healing movement and who is considered a prophet by many Pentacostals, Reagan explained to his sheep that race mixing is just wrong.
“We realize there’s a move in the message of blacks marrying whites, whites marrying blacks and folks think it’s alright,” Reagan told his followers (Spoiler alert: Reagan does not think it’s “alright) through quoting the “prophet” Branham. He explains that Branham did not share his opposition to “race mixing” because it was the 60′s when”all that racial stuff was going on.” Brother Branham (and he) spoke in opposition to the mixing of races because it is an affront to God.
To the cheers of his congregation, the Tennessee pastor read passages from Branham’s writing. While he did speak out against the mixing of races, facetiously praising “colored” people, the most impassioned 
hate speech expressions of his Christian faith came when speaking about white women and men “breeding” with other races.
Branham says that if God wanted someone to be a particular color he would have made that person that color. Branham’s seething hatred for those of other races shows more and more as he continues to speak. He warns the young people in the congregation that if they want to marry an “African” he will not perform the wedding under any circumstances because he doesn’t want to make God angry. “Let me tell you right up front, any of you young people–you want to marry a black man you girls, don’t ask me to do it. I will not. I refuse. I cannot do it with a conscience toward God and look these quotes in the face. You white brothers you find a black sister, you want to marry an African or whatevermore don’t ask Brother Donny,” he told the congregation’s youth.
Driving his point home, Brother Donny explains the real problem with the mixing of races: that’s right–Communism.
“Communism, has infiltrated our message. Not through Stalin, not through Mussolini, but through mixed marriages,” he claims.
Donny Reagan can be contacted at (423) 543-6811 if you would like to educate him on what, exactly, it means to be a Christian–because he is spreading the wrong message.

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