Friday, October 10, 2008

Is the McCain Campaign Hiring Vocal Audience Plants?

The man McCain hugged for "begging" him to attack Obama is a talk radio jock for AM radio

Did Senator John McCain hire the man he hugged in a town-hall campaign event in Waukesha, Wisconsin? It is certainly no more a stretch than the McCain tactic of bringing up William Ayers, Chicago Citizen of the Year recipient in 1997, who while working with the Chicago School Reform Collaborative between 1995 and 2000 made education funding recommendations to the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that Senator Barack Obama chaired at the time.

Yes, that Annenberg. The late Ambassador Walter H. Annenberg, staunch Republican supporter, his wife is endorsing John McCain. McCain's latest fear and smear tactic of using Ayers as an excuse to paint Obama as some kind of domestic terrorist sympathizer will have to include all the rest of the nice people who were also involved, and the MSM has been compliant by not fully calling McCain out on it. Does everyone associated with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge realize that now, by association, John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the Republican "base" see them all as toxic?

The Awkward Hug

In Waukesha James T. Harris, an AM conservative radio host admonished McCain: "It is absolutely vital that you take it to Obama, that you hit him where it hurts, there's a soft spot."

After bringing up Reverend Wright, ACORN and some unspecified "shady characters", Harris got really dramatic and said "I am begging you, sir, I am begging you. Take it to him."

So who is James T. Harris? He's an AM radio talk show host on Saturday and Sunday afternoons for WTMG AM 620 in Milwaukee. But there is more to James T. Harris. He's outsource ready.

Harris runs a business called "IllumiNation". The Web page that describes how to engage Harris's services are indeed quite illuminating:

"Choose Your IllumiNation™ Program Now in Three Easy Steps!

1. Know the Desired Outcomes you want your audience to experience.
2. Define an ample time slot to allow us to introduce and unpack the program for those outcomes.
3. Pick a single program or combine multiple programs that fit the allotted time and desired outcomes."

I'm sure it is just a coincidence, and we have no evidence that John McCain's campaign would actually hire PR type people such as Harris to help move along the campaign, but if McCain ever needs someone from Wisconsin to stand up and ask a question the campaign would like to have asked, maybe as a precursor to the last debate of the general election season, James T. Harris looks like he can deliver. What was Armstrong Williams busy ?

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