Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alaskan Conservative Radio Host Rips Lying Palin & GOP

Dan Fagan is a prominent conservative talk radio host in Anchorage, Alaska on station KFQD. In a column in the Anchorage Daily News, Fagan joins the ranks of conservatives who no longer drink the Palin Kool-Aid. In a bit of reporting about events of which many of us in the lower 48 were unaware, Fagan opens the column by describing a Monday press conference in which Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton attacked former Commissioner of Public Safety Walt Monegan. Fagan describes Stapleton as sounding "plain, desperate, and obvious" and "pure shrill." Fagan says Stapleton described Monegan's behavior as "egregious insubordination, full of obstructionist conduct and a brazen refusal to follow instructions." We non-Alaskans forget that Monegan had a long, respected history in Alaska. That's why his firing drove 10 Republicans to vote unanimously with four Democrats to allocate $100,000 to investigate if there was any wrong-doing when he was dismissed. That is evidenced in Fagan's tone:

Did Walt Monegan, former Marine, and lifetime crime fighter deserve this? Of course not. But history has proven, get in the way of Sarah Barracuda's political ambition, and you won't know what hit you. If anyone should be on the hot seat, it's not Monegan, but Palin for her inconsistencies.

Fagan lists a few of the shifting excuses Palin has given for firing Monegan, starting with "we need new direction" and "new energy" followed by "he wasn't hiring enough cops," to "he wasn't doing enough about alcohol in the bush" to "he lobbied for budget increases" to finally the latest version - Monegan displayed "egregious rogue behavior."

Fagan goes on to say that Palin has changed her story concerning whether she was aware of any contact with Monegan from her husband Todd or from those in her office. And after the investigation was started, Palin first said she and her employees would fully cooperate before she and her office stonewalled the investigators.

It appears Alaskans are divided between pride in one of their own on the national stage and desire to get to the truth in the investigation. Fagan feels caught in the crossfire of these desires:

Republicans scold me all the time, "You don't want Obama to win do you? Stop
criticizing Palin!"

My question to my conservative friends is simple. Does the truth still matter?

...But some Republican leaders are abandoning truth and closing ranks to help Palin cover up her scandal by attacking the investigation.

Fagan takes particular Republican politicians to task, such as Lt. Governor Sean Parnell and state Representative John Coghill, and praises Republican state Senator Charlie Huggins, who was the swing vote that allowed for the issuance of subpoenas. Fagan ultimately shows an integrity sorely lacking in his more power hungry Republicans:

My fellow conservatives, remember how frustrating it was when Bill Clinton committed perjury and liberals looked the other way. As conservatives, we are no better unless we demand full disclosure from our governor when it comes to Troopergate.

No politician is so popular and charismatic that they should be above accountability and telling the truth. Not even Sarah Palin.

People can argue whether Bill Clinton deserved impeachment for his indiscretions and lies, but at least it's refreshing to see a conservative believes that the rules Republicans want to apply to Democrats should also apply to themselves.

This is not the first time Fagan has criticized Palin. Remember that appearance of Palin with those two radio shock jocks who ripped into Republican state Senate President and cancer survivor Lyda Green as a "bitch" and a "cancer" and Palin just sat by and laughed? Fagan was not amused: Palin's responses on radio talk show very unbecoming

The governor's appearance on KWHL's "The Bob and Mark Show" last week is plain and simple one of the most unprofessional, childish and inexcusable performances I've ever seen from a politician... It was conduct unbecoming a human being, never mind a governor.

The governor's office eventually tried to spin the public relations disaster, releasing a statement reading, "Governor Palin was caught off guard by Bob Lester's reference to Senate President Lyda Green." I don't buy it. Early on in the conversation before Palin started to crack up, Lester referred to Sen. Green as a jealous woman and a cancer. Palin, who knows full well Lyda Green is a cancer survivor, didn't do what any decent person would do, say, "Bob, that's going too far."

I've read some other stuff about Fagan - such as some remarks concerning Muslims - with which that I fervently disagree. But it seems Fagan does not tolerate when Republicans get ugly with each other or good public servants are mistreated.

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